eCATT Scripts Creation – TCD Mode (PART II)
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13.01.2009 г.

            The Part I of eCATT Introduction gives the basic details about usage of eCATT & features involved. In Part II, the creation of eCATT scripts using TCD mode of recording will be explained in detail. In the subsequent Parts, SAPGUI recording mode of recording and other details of eCATT will be covered.

Steps Involved In Creation Of eCATT Test Scripts:

  • Test script is generally series of steps (transactions) involving a business scenario. Identification of right transactions for this script, which prepares the input data for the script and also covers the planned business scenario, should be done.
  • Recording of test script by selecting proper recording mode.
  • Execution of test script immediately after recording without parameterization to confirm the errorless recording.
  • Parameterization of the import, export & variable parameters.
  • Preparing variants using Test Data Container.
  • Linking Test Script (TS) & Test Data Container (TD) by Test Configuration (TC).
  • Execution of TS using TC for different Variants.

How To Identify Any Transaction For TCD Recording Mode:

  • If the transaction runs under SAP GUI for Windows or SAP GUI for Java, it can be recorded by either TCD or SAP GUI mode.
  • If the transaction doesn’t have any activex controls then TCD recording mode can be used.
  • If the transaction has activex controls and these controls are NOT mandatory for the functionality of the transaction, then also TCD mode can be used as recording mode.

Key Features Of TCD Recording Mode:

  • It is suitable for the transactions not having activex controls, so it doesn’t require any GUI playback mode.
  • It is very fast.
  • It has its own built in screen simulation for standard screen elements. Hence while execution, the controls are deactivated and the user’s actions are simulated by reading the recorded data flow.

Steps For Recording Using TCD Mode:

  •  Transaction SECATT.
  • Give the name of the Test Script (TS) in Test Script input box. The Version input by default is with value 1.
  • In the Attributes ->General Data Tab, the value of the Component will be BC-TWB-TST-ECA for eCATT.
  • In the test script editor, choose the Editor tab.
  • Choose Pattern button from the application toolbar.
  • The Insert Statement dialog box appears. From the Command Dropdown List, choose TCD (Record).
  • In the Transaction field, enter the transaction code of the transaction that you want to record, and choose Enter.

  • In the Interface field, a system-generated name appears.
  •  Accept the system-generated name or edit it.
  • If there is a system data container, you can enter the target system in the Target System field.
  • Choose Enter. The transaction starts recording.
  • Work through the transaction as normal. When you leave the transaction, the system returns you to the script editor with the Recording ended dialog box.
  • Choose Yes to transfer the data.
  • ATCD command and its associated Command Interface will be inserted in test script editor of SECATT 

Execution of Recorded TCD script:
  •  Once the recording of the transaction is done and the details of recording are taken back to the test script editor, script can be executed.
  •  First of all without parameterization the script should be executed to confirm the errorless recording. At the runtime, a Start Options window appears. Give the following values on this window – Error Behavior with value S No termination, continue with next script. 
  • System Data – Name of the system data container, which contains the Target System.  
  • Target System – Name of the server on which the execution will happen.
  • Select the Log Display check box.
  •  In TCD section of window, select N – Process in background, synchronous local.
  • Click on Execute button.

  • Transaction will start executing, which appears at the bottom.
  • If the recording is error free, then success log will appear. And if there is any error in recording of the transaction and its replay then error log with details will appear.
  • After the confirmation of error free recording, one can go ahead with parameterization of the import, export & variables.
  • In SECATT transaction using Test Data (TD), variants can be prepared for the recorded test script. In the Parameters tab, add all the parameters from the test script. This will appear as ECATTDEFAULT in the Variants tab. Add multiple variants, as per requirement in the Variants tab. Test Data is independent of test script. Hence can be reused wherever required.
  • In SECATT transaction using Test Configuration (TC), the TD & TS can be linked together on the Configuration tab. On the Variants tab, using Variant Maintenance Assistant required variants values from TD could be linked to TC.
  • Finally the TC can be executed from SECATT directly by giving the required variant name at runtime. 
  • The TC is used in managing the scripts in plans/packages using SCAT transaction.


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